It is a story which proves that God is there with you everywhere and every moment if you believe in Him. It also proves that helping a real needy never goes in vain. We (me and my colleague) went to a few villages to visit a few borrowers / units as well as to recover loan amounts from defaulting borrowers by a motorbike. When the work got over, we started our return journey. It was smooth even though the road was built of mud. We were sure to hit the metal road before the dark but because of our few more stops in between, we got delayed and it became dark (During winter, the days are short.). We were, however, negotiating the kutcha road without much difficulty. But our journey got a jolt soon after due to darkness.

We were aware that there was a rivulet on the way and we had to cross it at a particular point (where there was hardly any water) and thereafter we had to cover another almost 2 KM to reach the pucca road. But, as the luck might be, the headlight of the bike got fused just after crossing a village and when we were very near to the rivulet. Incidentally, the parking light / smaller bulb was also not functional. Though normally we used to carry a torch with us, on that day it was not there in the box attached to the bike. Only light available to us at that point of time was that of lightning. We were completely at a loss as the exact point to cross the river could not be located with the help of nature’s light available to us. What we could observe was that the rivulet was filled with water (on account of a bundh made of mud, too narrow to take the bike to the other side of it). The other option was to go to the nearby village and seek the help from the villagers but dared not as we (particularly I) were afraid of stray dogs. We were at our wit’s end but by the grace of God, we could get a ray of hope at that very moment.

We found a small but moving light coming towards us. It took some time but the light started becoming bigger and bigger. After some time, we started getting some faint voices – apparently two persons were talking while walking. When they had almost reached very near the rivulet, we moved towards them and requested them to help us to cross the rivulet. They stopped and one of them probably hearing my voice focussed the troch light on my face and immediately told me, “Manager babu, aap yanha par aur is wakt? Aap mujhe pahachane? Main ek school master hai. Ek Shani bar ke din, main aapka bank mein gaye the kuch rupeya lane kiyunki mera beta bahut bimar tha aur use Rampurhat Hospital le jana tha. Lekin bank bandh ho gaya tha aur bank ka karamchari log bole ki avi rupeya milna sambhav nahi hai. Tab main aapse mila and aap bank ka hand balance se mujhe rupeya dilaya. (Manager babu, what brings you here at this point of time? Can you recognise me? I am a school teacher in a nearby school. One Saturday, I went to your branch to draw some money as my son was seriously ill and we had to take him to Rampurhat hospital. But by that time the operations at the bank were closed and I was told by the staff that it was not possible to draw money at the material time. Then I met you and you arranged for some money from amounts kept as hand balance.)

I could instantly remember the incident but failed to recognise the person but as a matter of courtesy, I told him, “Hain, Master Saab. Main aapko pahchan gaye.” (Yes, Master Saab. I have recognised you.) I then explained to him what exactly had happened to us and sought his help to find out the path to cross the rivulet. He was insisting us to go to his home in the village in proximity to have a cup of tea but we politely told him, “It is already late and we need to cover another almost 8 KM. Moreover, it seems that there may be rains.” He accepted our logic and without wasting time, he proceeded to show us the route. After crossing the rivulet, we thanked them and were about to start the bike but he told very firmly, “Sir, Aap mera torch le jaiye.” (Sir, you please take my torch.) We refused and told him, “Now, we do not have any problem. You please carry on.” At that, he told, “Us sithiti mein main to aaplogon ko pucca rasta tak chhor ke aunga.” (In that situation, I shall escort you up to pucca road.) Telling that, he did not give us any chance to refuse and we started walking with them along with our bike. It was almost 1.5 KM, they came with us. After reaching the pucca road, we thanked them from core of our heart. However, again he requested us to take the torch but we politely refused and left the place.

When I look back, I could not resist myself in admiring the way that gentleman helped us on that day who proved to be an angel at that point of time. I will never forget that incident during my life time.

Helping a Needy in Time Never gets Unnoticed by God
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